As winter drags on and the prospect of spring seems ever more improbable, we were trying to find inspiration for regaining crafting momentum. Yesterday it arrived in the form of this article. In it Elle Luna challenges people to do something creative each day for100 days from April 6 until July 14, 2015. Those participating are encouraged to post their art on Instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject so followers can see what has been created. To participate, download one of the photos from the page linked above and post it on Instagram.

As Caroline posted on Facebook: “We both felt like we needed a change, and this seems like a great way to refocus on the fun of making instead of just the boring running a business stuff. You should try it too! You don’t have to make a quilt (or anything major) daily – you could make a 3” square daily and make something big after the 100 days from what you created. We’re in! Come join us as we make new things daily for 100 days in a row. Caroline = paper beads, Gillian = watercolor art. Details to come. Join us!

So we have a week to gather the supplies and inspiration needed to keep making art for 100 days in a row.

Caroline has a large stack of magazines she was going to recycle, but which now will be searched for beautifully colored pages that would make interesting beads. Way back in the late 1980s when we were first living in Florida, we spent the hot, humid, summer days indoors to protect our fair English skin from the intense sunshine. This meant finding lots of craft activities to amuse two little girls, and making beads from paper was one of many we enjoyed. It was an activity that children of different ages could enjoy without it becoming too competitive! The benefits of those air conditioned Florida afternoons seem to be paying off!

With the request for craft projects in kits for seniors in hand, it seems as though this project will also provide inspiration for activity kits. They could be used as a group activity of for bonding time with grandchildren, and earrings, a bracelet or a necklace to wear at the end of the activity!

Gillian has been trying to learn how to paint with watercolors since a plane trip last October. Gradually her confidence is growing, but knows that it is only with consistent practice that skills grow so this 100 day art challenge seems like a great way to learn more. With Instagram images being square she has opted to create 5″ square works. (This size will also fit neatly into an IKEA Ribba frame for putting on the wall for display.)

Her preparation involves cutting up watercolor paper into squares so there is no excuse not to paint each day! Paints, brushes, and resist media are at the ready on the work table. One Pinterest board is now full of inspiration because the goal is to create flowers that are identifiable, although some days bouquets of flower-like shapes may be all that is achieved! She will also be pouring over several watercolor classes by Nicola Blakemore on Udemy!

We will keep you posted each week on what we have been making and how the discipline of creating art every day for 100 days in inspiring – or frustrating – us.