Christmas flower ornament instructions

Thank you for buying a kit from us, here are the instructions to help you make your ornament!


Included in your kit: 12 piece of colored card with a flower design on each plus a piece of ribbon

What you will need: a pair of small scissors, small piece of tape, a needle or punch to use to push the ribbon through for the hanger.

Written Instructions

  1. Cut out each petal, not forgetting to cut along each line halfway across each petal.
  2. Take two pieces and slide one petal into another so they overlap. Make the join snug, as small loose joints make fitting the final pieces together more difficult.
  3. Keep adding the petals, gradually joining them to form a kind of ‘cup’ shape once you have six petals connected.
  4. Double check that the joints are neat – and carefully tape together any petal pieces you tore in the process… Keep building up the petals, one at a time. Although this looks complicated, there is no wrong way to do this – all the pieces will connect to form a ball!
  5. When you get to the last piece, fold the ribbon in half and tie a knot near the loose ends. Take a needle and thread the double ribbon through it, then push it through the middle of the last piece so the know stays on the back. Put a piece of tape over the ends to secure them.
  6. Carefully connect the final 6 petals so you have your completed ball. Gently reconnect any petals that have come slightly apart, and make sure the ‘petals’ are all neatly aligned.
    Hang your ornament on the tree!

Download a pdf with photo instructions here.