It feels like no time since I last posted, but it is two weeks. So what have we been doing?

Caroline continues her quest for beautiful day light and is closing in getting all the photos taken. She even has a butterfly who keeps her company!


I have been designing tea towels using family recipes. Since they were written by my mother and grandmother, it was interesting to see how women communicated recipes with one another. Many of them lack instructions or oven temperature, the assumption apparently being that the people baked so much, the basic knowledge was common. It is  quite a contrast with modern recipes that second guess every question and concern. It would also appear that they were often written at times when food wasn’t plentiful, so use small quantities. After much debate we decided that I would add some social history to the leaflet, along with English to American translations!

Sweet treats tea towel

Another Saturday, another project! if you like scrap booking, this one is for you, so keep coming back to see what it is…