As a designer, I am always looking for textures that I can apply to backgrounds to make them more interesting. It occurred to me that it might not only be designers who like textured paper, but the scrap booking community might also like to have this option.

I began by creating 12 different water colour pages, that were essentially single coloured, but had brush strokes and different depths of colour on them. When they were dry, I scanned each page, then started to play with different textures to see what they did to the backgrounds. I created the pages in both letter sizes and 12″ x 12″ for both digital scrap booking, and for those who like to download papers to print for their own use.

After having far too much fun playing with creating glitter paper, paper with bubbles, woven texture, flowers and text, I created sets of papers that I hope will soon be available in our supplies shop:

Glitter papers cover sheet 2016        Woven papers cover sheet 2016       Bubble papers cover sheet 2016

Having created the papers, I couldn’t wait to start using them for my own projects. The green glitter paper was used for the four leafed clover on the St. Patrick’s day card:

St Patricks Day card

and the pale blue water colour paper was for the lettering at the top of each page of this site:

Creative Gillian Header copy


I am sure other variants will appear in other products I make in the not too distant future!