Flower Gift Tags

Flower Gift Tags

I made a series of gift tags for Christmas, with a water colour background, small trees, and rustic twine strings. They sold well at craft fairs and in our Etsy shop, but now they have fallen off the current stock list, we were surprised to find that a common search term was still “gift tags”. Never one to let an opportunity like that fall by the wayside, I looked to see what I had that would make gift tags people might like, that fit in with our other products, and that I already had the materials on hand to produce.

In looking for a theme or direction, I came across the flower designs I used in our Easy Coloring Book, and realized they would be very suitable. I had some Kraft card stock, and so set about deciding which flowers to use and how to lay them out. After some experimentation I found that by layering the flower image multiple times, when it printed, the lines shimmered, and almost appeared to have been embellished.


It was then time to print the sheets, cut the individual tags out, trim the corners (necessitating a run to the craft shop as my corner cutter jammed solidly), punch a central hole for the ribbon, then will attach the ribbons and put the sets into clear bags.

IMG_0082      IMG_0084