February Roundup

February Roundup

Thankfully, spring is just around the corner! (credit)

February was a rough month for us. Even though we knew going into it that there would be a lot of change, we were hit with many unexpected obstacles and February took its toll on both of us! Here’s a quick roundup of what went down in February:

  • Gillian changed jobs! She shuffled her time and responsibilities around and is now a full-time freelancer with many hats. This was a pre-planned transition for her, but has still made things stressful as her time has become stretched thin. We are both looking forward to her getting settled into her new routine so that her creative juices can be replenished.
  • Caroline was sick! There has been a nasty bug going around, and I managed to catch it twice. It wiped me out for over 3 weeks. Not cool.
  • Etsy went public! Major changes on our selling platform caused a lot of chaos behind the scenes. One major change was that Etsy completely changed the way that items are categorized, meaning that I had to manually change each of our listings (over 100 just in Leaves of Paper!). It has taken me about 2 weeks, but I’ve just finished. I think that they may have changed the search algorithm too. Lots of SEO to be changed as well.
  • We signed up for our first craft fair of 2015!
  • New things up in Leaves of Paper! Lots of new cards and origami stars have gone up in Leaves of Paper over the last month, including special St. Patrick’s Day greeting cards.

And here’s what we’re looking forward to in March:

  • Craft Fair! It’s this Saturday (March 7th) in Warrington, PA, and we are really excited to be bringing a bunch of things with us: dresses (ages newborn to 8 years), tutus (ages newborn to 5 years), knitted cardigans and sweaters (baby and toddler), as well as all of Leaves of Paper (including many things not yet on Etsy!). We are both really looking forward to this fair! For more information, including hours and directions, please go here.
  • Easter and Mother’s Day Cards! Gillian has made some adorable cards, and they will be going up in Leaves of Paper as soon as I get enough sunlight to take photos!
  • Paper craft kits! We will be trying out between 2 and 5 different kinds of paper craft kits at the fair on Saturday. If they do well, they will be going up on Leaves of Paper very soon! Check our instagram account for photos!
  • Re-opening C&G Supplies! Because of time and energy constraints I had to put most of our shops on vacation temporarily. As Leaves of Paper gets back under control, I’ll be getting some of our supplies ready to go up in C&G Supplies.
  • How-to guides for sellers! I’m editing some ebooks that will be going up in Virtual Designer be the middle of the month. They will be for both new sellers who want to open a shop as well as for sellers who want a boost in sales.

I’d like to take a moment here to introduce our third member of staff, Marge. Her main roles are getting underfoot while humans are carrying heavy things and leaving fur everywhere, making it impossible to find a clean surface. Without us knowing it, she makes sure that at least one piece of fur gets into every item we sell, even if it means rubbing up against the packing tape just before shipping out a package. It really is a talent! This month Marge will be celebrating 2 years post-diagnosis of advanced kidney disease. Anyone who has seen our about page on Etsy has seen how her brother Jasper liked hanging out in the craft room, and after his passing, Marge took over as head fluffer and mascot. Don’t let those white whiskers fool you: she’s old, but tough. And very, very grumpy. At 16 years old, she has earned that right!



That’s it for now! Hope to see you on Saturday!

Workroom Makeover – February 2015

Workroom Makeover – February 2015

Did you read about the earlier workroom makeover? Check out parts 1, 2, and 3.

At this point the room should look pretty familiar to you! Do you see that stack of containers next to the table? I seriously underestimated how many little origami stars I had made, and I outgrew the containers pretty soon after cleaning up the workroom.



That’s about 1/3 of the stars that made – still unpackaged and with nowhere to go. I considered just getting more of the containers, but it occurred to me that they didn’t really meet my needs. Scrapbooking paper is heavy, and lugging through the containers to get the one I needed (always at the bottom – how does that happen?!?) was bothering me. If a system doesn’t work, it’s worth trying a new one.

I spent some time looking through the various container options, and found one that was reasonably priced and could potentially solve the problem of separate containers. Behold:


I love this little cart! It has 6 drawers and holds just as much as the 6 containers of paper. As you can see, it’s as tall as 7 of the cases I had used before. I now have a bunch of extra cases to store the little origami stars in, and I can finally get around to photographing all the stars that aren’t up in our Leaves of Paper Etsy shop yet… I don’t know about you, but when there’s something blocking me from getting things done efficiently, it feels like everything, even unrelated things, take so much longer. There’s a major backlog of exciting things to go up, and we’l; even be debuting a new look in the next 2 weeks! DSC_5730Would you believe that only 1 1/2 of those containers are up on Etsy? So much work still to be done!

How about you? How is your workroom looking?


What’s Next: Leaves of Paper

What’s Next: Leaves of Paper

If you missed it, please check out the “What We Make” post from last Monday.

The second half of 2014 was very busy for us! Lots of craft fairs and opening Etsy shops, and because of that we made a lot of stuff which never made it onto the LoP Etsy Shop. If you came to see us in person, you may already recognize some of this, but we’ve made a ton of new stuff since our last fair, so hang around to see what’s next! Also, keep an eye on our twitter, facebook, and pinterest feeds for the latest on what’s in our shops!

Greeting Cards: there’s both a new batch of handpainted cards as well as a new style of card!

DSC_5479x DSC_5504

Paint Chip Notebooks: we made these as a kid-friendly alternative to our bigger notebooks


Star Ornaments: in two different sizes (4″ and 6″)


Mixed Media Journals: for the arty person


Gift Tags: for both Christmas and birthdays


We also haveSpiral Bound Journals (coming soon!): a nice alternative to our blank journals


We have even more ideas in place, but they will have to wait for another day. See you on Wordless Wednesday!