Butterfly Art

Butterfly Art

I have set myself the goal of offering 365 different projects to help people who claim they are creative make things for themselves, their homes, and for gifts. They vary in materials used and skills required, but all are comparatively simple to create, and hopefully provide a jumping off point for creating something else.

The project published today is a small framed piece of wall art, improbably using paint chip swatches and a paper punch. It requires none of the scarier skills of committing paper or pen to paper, or considering color palettes – beyond picking up a selection of paint chips you like – so seemed a perfect project for this challenge. I wanted to keep the project manageable and replicable by someone who was anxious about their abilities, so beyond having the darker butterflies at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top, and all of them “flying” upwards, there were no complicated design decisions to make.


As is my wont, I had already cut a number of extra butterflies, not sure quite which direction this piece of work would ultimately take. As you can see from the photo below, I had cut some orange and red butterflies, even as I was moving toward the purple paint chips I ultimately used.


The second shadow box I had purchased was larger, 11″ x 17″, so chose to cut a few larger and smaller butterflies, and also extendied the color palette from orange and red to yellow and coral. This was the end result:

Butterfly Art

I am pleased that with more space to work, more variety in color tones and sizes, I was able to create a more complex piece. I am now torn between adding it to my walls and putting it up for sale…




As a designer, I am always looking for textures that I can apply to backgrounds to make them more interesting. It occurred to me that it might not only be designers who like textured paper, but the scrap booking community might also like to have this option.

I began by creating 12 different water colour pages, that were essentially single coloured, but had brush strokes and different depths of colour on them. When they were dry, I scanned each page, then started to play with different textures to see what they did to the backgrounds. I created the pages in both letter sizes and 12″ x 12″ for both digital scrap booking, and for those who like to download papers to print for their own use.

After having far too much fun playing with creating glitter paper, paper with bubbles, woven texture, flowers and text, I created sets of papers that I hope will soon be available in our supplies shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CandGSupplies.

Glitter papers cover sheet 2016        Woven papers cover sheet 2016       Bubble papers cover sheet 2016

Having created the papers, I couldn’t wait to start using them for my own projects. The green glitter paper was used for the four leafed clover on the St. Patrick’s day card:

St Patricks Day card

and the pale blue water colour paper was for the lettering at the top of each page of this site:

Creative Gillian Header copy


I am sure other variants will appear in other products I make in the not too distant future!


Calendars for 2017

Calendars for 2017

As January is racing past it reminds me that “calendar year 2017” is looming! This means it is time to think about the kind of art I will create for these calendars.

This year’s calendars mostly used the watercolour flowers I created last summer for the 100 Days of Art Project that was displayed on Instagram. I picked my favourite pieces from amongst my 100 paintings, and created two calendars using a selection of those images. It wasn’t long before I got a request for a smaller, desktop calendar, hence the little one on an easel. I foolishly thought that three calendars was a good number to create for one year, but as we went to craft fairs and the adult colouring book mania was in full force, it became clear that a mandala colouring calendar was needed. (If interested, all four calendars are available in our Etsy shop.)

Desk calendar 2016  Horizontal calendar 2016  Vertical calendar 2016  Mandala calendar 2016

So my dilemma now is what kind of art to create for my 2017 calendars? I recently took a screen printing class and used some of the same flower art to create screen prints, using water soluble crayons to create colors in the prints. Since I used these images last year, I feel I should create something new for 2017.


I have recently been learning to create Zentangles, but am not sure they are yet varied or interesting enough to use. Time to leave this idea here and see which direction I choose to go in next…