Week in Review: October 19-25, 2014

Week in Review: October 19-25, 2014

Hello! Another busy week down. Only one more week until our first Christmas craft fair! There’s more information and directions to the event at the bottom of the post.

  • We’ve both been focusing on getting ourselves ready for the Christmas rush. I’ve been getting the etsy shops ready by tweeking the SEO and updating some of the pictures. It’s fascinating to see how far we have come in the last year! I’m even making changes to listings I created in the summer – each time I learn something new I try and upgrade the listings as soon as I can. Gillian has been working on a new type of art for various paper based goodies… but you’ll have to check back tomorrow for the sneak peek to see pictures!
  • I’ve also been making more boxes. We have 5 different sizes and there are more Christmas ones in the mix. Here’s most of the boxes:


I promise that they will be part of a much prettier display on Saturday! The box from the photo last week is 1/3 full again, too!

  • I went into center city Philly on Sunday to hang out with some college friends. I had a great time but it left me wondering, how many lip products do I need?!


All of these were in my purse on Saturday night. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe I just need to clean out my purse more often!

  • C & G Supplies now has all of our halloween and Christmas craft supplies up!
  • Virtual Designer is also up and running! All of our services are available and a series of “how-to” guides for both websites and Etsy shops will be going up soon.
  • It was a frustrating week at times, so the wire wrapped rings are not up yet. Part of this is because I forgot to bring my scissors with me on the train to Philly. I was going to use that time to make a few example rings. It was nice, though, because it gave me a good excuse to chat to other people and play some games on my phone.
  • And finally, we had our first interview as business owners today! We had a lovely chat with Terri Belford (you can check out one of her websites here) which will be going up soon. We’ll link to it once it’s up! We talked about how we started CGC and the evolution of both the business and our mother-daughter relationship. This was so much fun but a exhausting for a pair of introverts!

Don’t forget: next Saturday from 9am to 2pm we will be selling the sample dresses seen in the photos in Party and Peasant Dresses, the cardigans and sweaters in Knitted and Purled, baby gifts from Cracking Good Crafts, as well as a bunch paper goods both from Leaves of Paper as well as craft fair exclusives! If you live near Pottstown, PA we would love to see you!

Click here for directions and here for more information about the venue. Hope to see you there!

See you next week!

xo, Caroline