Nearly one year old!

Nearly one year old!

It is astonishing to realize that Cracking Good Crafts is nearly one year old! To mark this momentous event we have a number of special things lined up for you! Keep watching this blog, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to find out what – and where!

In the mean time we’ve been creating lunchbox labels, both printed and downloadable, stickers and alphabets for Halloween, Christmas, scrapbooking, journaling, etc. We also have some cute little envelopes for adding personal message to gifts, some for Christmas, the rest for any time of the year.

We also have the English recipes tea towels – which can also be used as wall hangings – if you don’t dry your dishes by hand! Look out for them as they debut in our final shop, Home and Away Goods. We have plans for tote bags and makeup bags using Liberty print fabrics, plus Caroline has been working on some wonderful personal care and home cleaning products, that she hopes to have ready before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we are signing up to sell at a number of Christmas craft fairs in the greater Philadelphia area in the next few months. Keep watching to find out where, and then come and say ‘hello’!

Since we clearly don’t have enough to keep ourselves out of mischief, we are also looking into presenting creative workshops. People often say that they wished they could learn how to make the items they see in our shops. We are having a wonderful time exploring ideas to create an experience that will enthuse and encourage those who attend. Right now I can only mention the words “Rumi” and “mixed media”, but we’ll keep you posted as the idea firms up!




Tea towel activity

Tea towel activity

Life has been consuming more time than usual, so the creative stuff has been struggling to keep up. This week Caroline has been on a Photoshopping marathon to get more photos ready for adding to the items we’re waiting to add to our Etsy shops. We also celebrated a sale of some shell chandelier earrings, and deliberated whether to make some more… Our Wednesday Starbucks business meetings are vital to catching up with each other and exchanging ideas, but at present there do seem to be far more ideas than time to act on them!

Tea towel fabric

After uploading the tea towel designs, today I received the parcel containing the printed versions – on crisp linen fabric! They will be great for wall hangings, but for daily use something a little smaller and less crisp would be more functional – so its back to Photoshop for me too! In the interim I worked on the booklet to accompany the tea towels/wall hangings, complete with some social history, how to find unfamiliar ingredients and a bit of family history.

Booklet for tea towels

Last week I mentioned I was working on something new for scrapbookers. I first decided to search my older hard drives as I couldn’t locate a lot of my graphics, and fortunately it didn’t take long to find the folders. My file naming at least is consistent! However I also found many more sets of images I’d completely forgotten I had, so it then took me several hours to sort through them all, delete the bizarre and inexplicable ones, check the licenses, and download associated fonts. It was truly a very worthwhile task, but ate into a huge patch of creating time! Fear not, I now have the paper for creating stickers, paper for some fun fonts, and most importantly, 13″x16″ zipper bags so all these goodies can be stored flat and safely until they reach you! The finished product is nearly here!


And still we create!

And still we create!

It feels like no time since I last posted, but it is two weeks. So what have we been doing?

Caroline continues her quest for beautiful day light and is closing in getting all the photos taken. She even has a butterfly who keeps her company!


I have been designing tea towels using family recipes. Since they were written by my mother and grandmother, it was interesting to see how women communicated recipes with one another. Many of them lack instructions or oven temperature, the assumption apparently being that the people baked so much, the basic knowledge was common. It is  quite a contrast with modern recipes that second guess every question and concern. It would also appear that they were often written at times when food wasn’t plentiful, so use small quantities. After much debate we decided that I would add some social history to the leaflet, along with English to American translations!

Sweet treats tea towel

Another Saturday, another project! if you like scrap booking, this one is for you, so keep coming back to see what it is…

Latest creativity

Latest creativity

We have been very busy for the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would share with you some of the projects we have been working on.

Caroline has been honing her photography skills after we came to the conclusion that many of our original photos were less than stellar. She has really been making strides as you will see in the newest jewelry photos on our Etsy jewelry shop.

il_570xN.627818174_ovfy il_570xN.627924855_hfn5

As the person in charge of customer service, Caroline has been busy posting photos to social media and interacting with customers, so she has been spending far more time behind the scenes than making things, though she did send me this photo recently…


Several months ago we bought some Liberty print fat quarters from the Bloomsbury Collection, and have been thinking about what they should become. A few weeks ago I found some videos on using resin to create jewelry, and so decided to try to make some cufflinks using some of the fabric. After several hours of trimming tiny pieces of fabric into circles, Modge Podging them in place, I began the process of mixing and pouring the resin.

It was exciting to see them this morning with the resin set (although not fully cured for another few days) and after some cleaning up, to see the results of my work:

2014-07-27 14.20.09 2014-07-27 14.20.31 2014-07-27 14.21.45

Another project I am considering for the Liberty prints is a series of soft toys. For now I am playing with some inexpensive fabrics to see how the pattern I created works out, and pondering the philosophical question of whether cats wear clothes…

2014-07-26 13.44.44 2014-07-27 15.19.23 2014-07-27 15.21.57

In the background I have been designing fabrics for yet another project we have in mind. These designs are available for sale on Spoonflower in a variety of fabric weights  – and also available as decals and gift wrap.

Nouveau_daffodils_shop_thumb rflowers_on_red_ground_12__shop_thumb rLarge_flower_drop_repeat_shop_thumb rRose_of_Lancaster_shop_thumb rrRed_anemone_18__swatch_shop_thumb rrrPurple_flowers_shop_thumb rrPeonies_shop_thumb

So we have been busy, and you should be seeing the results of our work online shortly!