Back in February I created a series of gift tags using flower images on Kraft card stock, and have been working on a related greeting card that is similar in feeling, but not the same. In the intervening weeks I have played with Vellum, cutting out shapes, and using handmade paper as a background. While all the cards were ok, none of them really worked – the fourth version didn’t even get glued down..

IMG_0091This week I have been mulling ideas over to finish this project – and so get my work table clear for the next project. I decided that having been through all my textured papers an handmade papers and found nothing that worked, I would look for some paper that was lightly patterned, and in the off-white to coffee color range. After feeling i would have to create a background as I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I noticed a pad of Kraft paper with designs printed on it. I was surprised to find it had a range of designs from subtle to dramatic, but could see enough sheets that had potential so bought it and came home.

It took a while to decide on the size and variety of flowers to use, and then which sheets to cut down to use. Finally I had the papers and the flower layouts set, printed them, cut them up, and these were the result. I am pleased with them as they retain the simplicity of the initial design, but have a little added color that makes them more interesting in this larger size.

Happily tuned into music on Spotify, I quickly finished making the sets of cards that have been in limbo for over a month. This is how they turned out: