It has been a busy week for both of us, so our research into ideas for paper kits and new products has not moved forwards as fast as we had intended. On the plus side we have a lot of ideas and gathered some serious reading materials to help us create new items for you. As a bookmaker it is always a challenge to come up with ideas that aren’t books or journals, but think we are making progress on finding alternative ideas. As you can see from the books on my table, we are considering toys, paper folds/pop ups, boxes, cards and gifts. And of course books!

Kits research

With our next fair being hosted by a retirement home just before Mothers’ Day (US) we want to bring items that the residents might enjoy. With limited living space we want to create things that are useful but don’t take up too much space. We hoped people might buy these items to keep to give to friends, as well as providing gift items for family members to buy for Mothers’ Day.

My list so far consists of:

  • greetings cards that aren’t exclusively watercolors
  • greeting cards for life events in addition to cards for holidays
  • groups of useful items to eat, drink or use that are wrapped in a decorative way so they look attractive until used
  • sets of blank cards to use for thank you notes
  • bookmarks and notepads
  • books designed for holding collections of items
  • paper animals, buildings and dolls that can be cut out, colored, constructed and played with
  • origami kits
  • shaped boxes for storing or for use as gift boxes

Now we have the ideas, next comes the hard work – designing and creating these items! Where possible we will write the instructions so some of the items can be downloaded, printed, then made from a kit. We’ll let you know how this project progresses!