Kits for Groups

Going out to a studio to paint a picture with friends can get expensive! Between the class cost, a babysitter, and the cost of food and wine it can be an expensive evening out. Our idea is that a group of friends can get together and have a crafting party at one house – put any children to bed – then have fun working on your crafts together! Our kits range from $8-$25 and cover a variety of skill levels, so even your less-crafty friends can find a project to enjoy!
As our way of encouraging people to craft, we offer a free shipping option if you purchase 8 or more kits! You can have a selection of kits so people have a choice – or you can get all 8 and have your own crafting fest – we won’t tell!

Our kits come with all the elements and equipment you need, except scissors, pencils, and a stapler. We include an outline of the steps in each kit, and also link to aprintable pdf and a video to walks you through the steps. You could either print off the pdf or have the page open online as you craft.

You may need a plastic table cover to protect your table plus enough workspace for everyone. If you have extra scissors or a hot glue gun, they may be useful, but by no menas essential! Why not make it a potluck so no one has to prepare all the food?!

Choose your kits now!