At the craft fair last weekend we debuted Caroline’s star kits. So many people had asked how they were made that she decided to make up some kits to see if there really was an interest. Caroline cut paper to size, cut pieces of ribbon for the hangers, wrote brief instructions and created expanded instructions with screenshots that she posted online. I helped by packaging the elements into clear plastic bags so people could see which paper designs they preferred. The kits sold very well so we started to brainstorm ideas for other kits so people learn how to make paper items for themselves.

Kits! Kits! Kits!

So far we have come up with a number of ideas which we are exploring and considering for the various groups who have asked for kits. From this, our criteria are that the buyer shouldn’t be expected to have to search for elusive supplies to complete the project, the skill level should be marked as intended for children, adults and seniors, and where possible the concept should be something that works as a digital kit as well as a physical kit, and lastly paper should be the primary element.

With these criteria in mind we started to think of things that could be made from paper or card stock. Our initial list included paper planes, cars and train cars, robots, dinosaurs, dolls house furniture, tiny houses, ornaments, dress up dolls and theaters. As a child I would spend hours making such toys and found myself thinking of ideas with a retro flair, while Caroline gravitated towards more contemporary designs. Now we have to decide whether to honor both aesthetics or settle on one… and we’ll keep you posted on that decision.

Large star kit

In amongst our searches we came up with the idea of creating knitting patterns for children, home and soft toys, but for now this idea was eliminated so we can remain focused on the paper kits. We like the idea and so may well use it in another store! But back to the paper – this is where you come in.

  • If you were to download a kit for an activity, would you want it to be for you or a child or an older adult?
  • Would you want to have several variations of the theme or just one in each kit?
  • How complicated would you want the kit to be – to take 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour to complete?

Please let us know in the comments box below. We look forward to hearing from you!