I wanted to give you the latest news on our craft kits projects! Caroline and I spent ages discussing what the kits should include, which projects we thought you might enjoy, and how to present them to you.

Right now our theme for April’s kits is celestial colors. Caroline has origami star garland kits with different sized celestial paper and is working on a tote bag with a lovely celestial surprise. I am designing huge paper flower kits with a celestial twist and a diorama that also reflects our theme. There may even be card kits to continue the theme….

We are also interested in the idea of offering a set of kits for use at a crafting party you host, with the other option being to have us come and teach the craft. This is in response to those who have asked us to do this at craft fairs – and now we are ready to say yes!

There are even rumors of a craft kit of the month, which will include a completely new kit plus bonuses regular shoppers never see!