I love having notebooks on hand, and also love making books. For some time now I have been toying with learning how to do Coptic binding, but the written instructions always seemed very complicated. I finally found a simple video demonstration that made the concept feel more like a a sewing design than a mathematical set of steps. Now I just have to work out what kind of book I want to make, but as a test version, have created 5 signatures using heavy water colour paper, light water colour paper and mixed media paper so I have a portable book for when inspiration strikes! Since this is my first attempt at sewing Coptic binding a book, and all the reviews say my stitching is likely to be too loose, I have created covers from doubled sheets of scrapbook paper. If the stitching has to be reworked, then I can create new covers and try the process again.


As I have been researching methods for binding books, I also came across instructions for creating long stitch binding along the spine. I have made books in the past with the stitching on the spine, but then created a pattern as I sewed the signatures into the book. This long stitch binding technique creates a straight stitch pattern that can then be tied in the center if desired, so am thinking about the kind of books that would be suited to this technique. Again, I think perhaps a larger, portable sketch book might be the direction I choose. I have some beautiful handmade paper I would like to incorporate into a book project soon, but it is too fragile to use as a book cover, and too textured to make end papers, so will have to wait for this idea to solidify!