How to Make Origami Star Ornaments

Thank you for purchasing origami star ornament instructions from Leaves of Paper! We designed these kits to be a fun way for kids and adults alike to pass the time on a snowy or rainy day. This is one of those crafts that looks a lot more complicated than it really is, and once you get the hang of it it will take a lot
less time.

All you will need to complete a star is: 2 square pieces of paper, a piece of ribbon, a pair of scissors, liquid glue, a glue stick (optional), and a pencil (optional). If you are doing this craft with children, you may also want scrap paper to put underneath the star paper while they are gluing.





To start, take your paper and find the side with the pattern on it. This will become the outside of the star. There are 2 different shapes of the paper: square and diamond. With the pattern side up, make sure the paper looks like a square.








Fold the square in half by taking the bottom of the square and matching it to the top of the square. Open the paper, turn the square a quarter turn (until the fold you just made goes from the top to the bottom of the square) and fold in half again.








Flip the paper over so that the pattern is facing down. Make sure the paper looks like a diamond. Fold the diamond in half by taking the bottom point and matching it to the top point of the diamond. Open the paper, turn it a quarter turn (until the fold you just made goes from the top to the bottom of the square) and fold in half again. Repeat with the second sheet of paper. You should have these lines now.







Once both sheets are folded, make sure the first sheet looks like a square. It doesn’t matter which side the pattern is facing. I prefer to have the pattern side down. Pick a side of the square. Find the fold in the middle of that side and make a cut from the edge towards the center along the fold until just under ½ way to the center, to where the dot is on the picture. Repeat on each side of the square until you have 4 cuts. Repeat with second sheet of paper.






Take the bottom right hand side of the paper and fold it until it matches up with the diagonal fold. Your pattern should now be facing up in a triangle shape. You may need to make the cut slightly longer to make the fold work. Repeat 7 more times until you get this shape. Repeat the process with the other sheet of paper.




6 7 8

To add the ribbon, choose a corner point tip with the largest gap. Open the flaps at the point and dab some glue right near the point. Lay one end of the ribbon in the glue, add another dab of glue and put the other end of the ribbon right on top of the glue, making a loop with the ribbon sticking outside of the star. Make the loop as big or as small as you want it to be. I usually leave about ½” of each end inside the ornament. Get ready to put glue (I use a glue stick here) on every other flap. It doesn’t really matter which flap the glue goes on so long as each pair of flaps has glue on one side. Put glue on a flap, then slide the partner flap on top and hold until it stops moving. I find it helpful to use a pencil to poke the flaps together from underneath. Repeat on other 3 sides and with the other sheet of paper.






Your stars should look something like this.









Making sure that the star is in this position, add glue where each of the green dots is on only one of the stars. Don’t use too much glue here or it will leak out the sides!








Turn the other star a quarter turn (until the points are pointing up, down, left and right), turn it upside down (so that the hole in the middle is facing down) and press the stars together. Make any minor adjustments needed to make it look good, then hold in place for 10-15 seconds or until the two halves stick together without you holding them. Let sit until the glue dries.




Congratulations! You’ve just made a star! With a few basic details, you can turn almost any piece of paper into a paper star! Please check out our Etsy shop for more kits and a greater selection of papers!

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Download the instruction here: StarOrnamentInstructions