How to Make Mini Origami Stars

Thank you for purchasing an origami star kit from Leaves of Paper! We designed these kits to be a fun way for kids and adults alike to pass the time on a snowy or rainy day. This is one of those crafts that looks a lot more complicated than it really is, and once you get the hang of it it will take a lot less time.

All you will need to complete a star is: a pair of scissors (optional), a spare piece of paper (optional)





Start by taking a single strip of paper and gently make a loop (like a cause ribbon). One end should be much shorter than the other.









Take the long end and put in inside the loop with the front of the paper facing away from you.









Fold the short end over the long end at an angle, making a crisp fold line.










Fold the right side over (doing a mirror fold of the previous side).









Pull through the long end until this shape appears. Fold carefully so that none of the paper curls under or accordions. Make sure all of the folds are crisp – this will make your star stronger!










This is what it should look like on the back.








Optional: take your scissors and cut off any excess remainder from the short end.


Fold over any excess remainder from the short end. This will be covered up by other folds later.







You should now have a pentagon and a long end extending from one side.

Fold over the long end of the paper following the edge of the pentagon. The paper should “tell” you where to fold.







Keep folding over each edge until you are nearly out of paper. You want to keep the paper under tension (you don’t want to have loose folds) and make each fold crisp.

Tuck in the end under the flap (instead of folding over), cutting off any excess if needed. Make sure that the paper will stay under the flap.







Turn your pentagon so that one edge is flat on a hard surface. It helps to have an extra piece of paper underneath to prevent slipping.

Using your thumbnail, press in the center of each edge until you see a star form.








It should look something like this! Don’t worry if it’s not exactly right – it takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it.





Congratulations! You’ve just made a star! Use them to decorate a table, display in a vase or ornament, or string them together to make bunting for your next event or party. My favorite ways to use these are to simply put them in a jar as part of a colorful display or to string them together to make bunting for a baby shower.

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