As I take on a new creative project and look for supplies, I too often often find the remains of an earlier project, neatly packed away in a bag, that somehow time overtook. I always promise myself that I will finish up such remains but it is so much harder to do so when the muse has left and the idea has returned to the waters of unused concepts.

In some ways being creative is amazing. All ideas have potential, and if they last long enough to reach a pad of paper and a pen, or better yet foraging for supplies, there is a good chance they will make it through to completion. The downside is that having so many ideas means that some will have to be let go. Other more mundane tasks will rise to the level of urgency that make me leave the creative realm and attend to them. If enough such tasks emerge, then the muse grows tired of waiting, and by the time I return, the creative glow has faded and the power of the idea has often gone too.

My hope is that as I write down ideas here, I will be able to recapture the initial excitement and move more ideas to completion. It would be so nice to find fewer memorial bags of partial ideas.