Life has been consuming more time than usual, so the creative stuff has been struggling to keep up. This week Caroline has been on a Photoshopping marathon to get more photos ready for adding to the items we’re waiting to add to our Etsy shops. We also celebrated a sale of some shell chandelier earrings, and deliberated whether to make some more… Our Wednesday Starbucks business meetings are vital to catching up with each other and exchanging ideas, but at present there do seem to be far more ideas than time to act on them!

Tea towel fabric

After uploading the tea towel designs, today I received the parcel containing the printed versions – on crisp linen fabric! They will be great for wall hangings, but for daily use something a little smaller and less crisp would be more functional – so its back to Photoshop for me too! In the interim I worked on the booklet to accompany the tea towels/wall hangings, complete with some social history, how to find unfamiliar ingredients and a bit of family history.

Booklet for tea towels

Last week I mentioned I was working on something new for scrapbookers. I first decided to search my older hard drives as I couldn’t locate a lot of my graphics, and fortunately it didn’t take long to find the folders. My file naming at least is consistent! However I also found many more sets of images I’d completely forgotten I had, so it then took me several hours to sort through them all, delete the bizarre and inexplicable ones, check the licenses, and download associated fonts. It was truly a very worthwhile task, but ate into a huge patch of creating time! Fear not, I now have the paper for creating stickers, paper for some fun fonts, and most importantly, 13″x16″ zipper bags so all these goodies can be stored flat and safely until they reach you! The finished product is nearly here!