New Hope April 2016Hello! Thank you for considering us for a spot in your event! Our names are Caroline and Gillian Lancaster and we make handmade paper gifts, decorations, greeting cards, origami, digital and original art. We started this business in 2014, and it has grown rapidly! Between us we have four Etsy shops: Leaves of Paper, Origami Retreat, Gillian Lancaster Art, and Relaxing Creativity and select the items we bring to each fair based on the style of fair (more crafts or more art) and the expected audience.

Some of the items you see in our shops at present are from our Winter 2017 collection, but photos of items from our Spring/Summer 2018 collections are beginning to arrive soon! We take much of our inspiration from nature, and follow those color trends and moods when creating. What we can bring to a fair depends heavily on available booth space, the time of year, number of expected customers, and how much we can fit into the Tardis, er, car.

Some craft fair details:

  • We always bring items ranging from $1 to $25, including greeting cards, gift tags, banners, coloring books, mini stars, garlands, and gift items
  • We can also bring origami flowers, wreaths, bouquets, and original art where the price range rises to $50 for craft fairs and $100 for art fairs
  • The items we bring are cash-and-carry, but custom orders are always welcome
  • We have been selling at craft fairs for over 3 years in the greater Philadelphia area

Here are is a video and some shots from one of our Spring/Summer 2017 events (click to enlarge):


by the sea coloring book

We have several coloring book designs, ranging from simple shapes to mandalas and more complex patterns, both designed to help increase relaxation and mindfulness.



We have a selection of origami decorations and flowers. This Poinsettia ring can doubles as a Christmas wreath. The stamens are hand-painted beads on wire.






We have a wide range of original art, including (at present) watercolors and ink on canvas. The larger canvas shown below is illuminated from behind with LED lights. (This is the daytime view without lights!)






Caroline makes unique origami flowers, using the origami paper she designed to make bluebells, lilies, and roses.






We sell many styles of greeting cards at a number of price points. Some are printed designs, some are digitized watercolors, and others have origami shapes.






Wedding (and anniversary) cards are our biggest sellers, and all couples are represented.










If you have any questions, please feel free to email us use this form.

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