Hello! What a week! Gillian is back from her exciting trip to England! I decided to put down the apples for a week, so we’ll have to just get to the photos of what has happened in the CGC Empire this week:

  • Virtual Designer is now OPEN! We have 4 products for Etsy shop owners in there for now, with 15 more planned to go up in the next 2 weeks. We’re very excited about this because it’s a new avenue for us. It’s not just for Etsy shop owners, though. The soon-to-be-added products are applicable to anyone who runs a small (or tiny) business or who has a social media account!

Basic Item Description CoverBasic Etsy Shop Graphics Cover

Basic Etsy Shop Setup Cover Basic Etsy Shop Critique Cover

  •  Speaking of shops opening, Knitted and Purled is now open too! It has baby sweaters and cardigans for now with boot cuffs, scarves and ear warmers all coming soon.

Knitted and Purled

  • So apart from opening shops, I’ve also been hinting about an in-person only item on Instagram:

IMG_0761After the first day…

IMG_0764After the second day…

IMG_0768Hmm, that’s a bit deceiving, let’s try a different angle!

IMG_0770That’s better! That’s less than a week’s worth of gift boxes. I’m trying to get 125 done by Wednesday evening. I don’t know how many there are, but there’s at least 40 in all sizes from tiny ones for jewelry to big ones for baby gifts and journals. These will only be available at our craft fairs until after December 6th! As an added bonus, we will have tissue paper and ribbon at the fairs to turn the gift boxes into ready to package gift wrap.

  • Remember this ring?


It’s a wire-wrapped rose gold ring that I fell in love with and have worn A LOT since I made it! More about that tomorrow….


See you next week!

xo, Caroline