It has been a bit quiet between the scenes of late. At some point just before the snow storm last week, both Caroline and I picked up a bug that has left us feeling very lethargic, so things have slowed down. It is a pain, but it is also one of those things that tends to happen each winter – despite early season flu shots.

I have been looking through files from on old hard drive and deciding which I want to preserve. I am constantly amazed by how many things I have created but which somehow fell by the wayside. Either they simply didn’t get printed and turned into tangible products, or they were experimental and the season for them passed before they made it to life. Among the many files that I found are some bookmarks I made to include with purchases of my watercolor art – an extra ‘thank you’ gift. I had completely forgotten I’d made them, and realized they would make a lovely addition to our regular offerings.

There were also some pages where I had laid out gift tags with flower designs. I printed out some of the pages on different papers to see how they looked. While I thought I would prefer them printed on bright white paper, but in reality, prefer them printed on some slightly off white paper that has fragments of colored paper embedded in it. The flowers are very stark, drawn in black ink, and the cream paper softens the starkness. Now I have to decide on a ribbon color!

Card designs tend to come in spurts, and so while I have been focusing on the ‘age’ cards of late, had forgotten about the annual event cards. I was delighted to see that Caroline had posted my Easter bunny card ready to be downloaded and colored. It was a fun project to create and I have to admit that until I found the original files, I had forgotten I had created this design last year.

Hopefully we will be back to full speed shortly and will have more news and photos for you to enjoy.