If you haven’t already discovered it yet, our biggest Etsy shop at the moment is Leaves of Paper. It’s where we are spending most of our time and energy these days. Of the time I spend making things, this shop takes about 75% of it! It’s a wonderful collection of gifts and decorations made from paper including:


DSC_8994a DSC_9078a DSC_9164a DSC_8976a


To Guided Journals

DSC_9237a DSC_9200a DSC_9243a DSC_9206a


To Mini Origami Stars

DSC_4649a DSC_4676a DSC_4643a DSC_4708a


To Calendars

DSC_4585a 2015 Printable Calendar Cover 2015 Printable Half-Page Calendar Cover 2 Rumi Nature Calendar 2015 COVER JPG


To Greeting Cards

DSC_4553a DSC_4569a DSC_4567a DSC_4563a


And that’s just what is currently in the shop!

Check back in on Friday for what’s coming next in Leaves of Paper!