The second half of 2014 was very busy for us! Lots of craft fairs and opening Etsy shops, and because of that we made a lot of stuff which never made it onto the LoP Etsy Shop. If you came to see us in person, you may already recognize some of this, but we’ve made a ton of new stuff since our last fair, so hang around to see what’s next! Also, keep an eye on our twitter, facebook, and pinterest feeds for the latest on what’s in our shops!

Greeting Cards: there’s both a new batch of handpainted cards as well as a new style of card!

DSC_5479x DSC_5504

Paint Chip Notebooks: we made these as a kid-friendly alternative to our bigger notebooks


Star Ornaments: in two different sizes (4″ and 6″)


Mixed Media Journals: for the arty person


Gift Tags: for both Christmas and birthdays


We also have Spiral Bound Journals (coming soon!): a nice alternative to our blank journals


We have even more ideas in place, but they will have to wait for another day