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Hello! I’m Caroline and I’m half of the team behind the CGC empire. A little bit about myself: I’m 29 and I live about an hour outside of Philadelphia in the ‘burbs. I like to think of my primary role as being the organizer, the one who thinks ahead to see what needs to be done when and then works to get everything done on time. My second role is as the Etsy coordinator. I’m the one you talk to when you ask a question in any of our Etsy shops, and I pack up your order for shipment. I also list our products and take all the photos you see in the product listings. My third role is the social media maven. If you read our tweets or check out our photos on instagram, you’ve seen my work (also, hi!)! If you can’t tell yet, working for CGC is my full-time job. I’m busy here behind the computer 7 days a week in an attempt to deliver content worthy of your time. So thank you for reading this, and please feel free to chat with me in the comments below or on our various social media outlets.


Let’s begin!

I started using my dining room as my workroom in December 2013. It changed a lot as we changed the business (we were only making dresses in the beginning!) and soon was taken over with stuff. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir at this point, but even at my most organized point, the room was a mess. I lost our business cards right before a big fair in November, and after tearing the room apart (spoiler alert: I still haven’t found them) I knew that it was time for a makeover. Thankfully the timing was good because I was hosting the family Christmas dinner in December and needed my dining room pronto.

Now, I don’t have any before photos (sorry), but just imagine this: a full craft fair tent setup (broken down, but it’s all there), a dining room table, a garment rack, 3 child mannequin shells, 6 storage boxes of supplies and completed projects and a full indoors craft fair setup (again, broken down, but it’s all there) ALL in one room. Now imagine rummaging through every box the night before a big show looking for something important. You know what it looks like now.


I packed everything up to move it somewhere else thinking that it would only be a few boxes. I was wrong. So wrong.

These are just the boxes of project supplies and finished items. So, so wrong. Yardstick was for scale

Here’s the shipping box (minus 2 giant IKEA bags of other shipping boxes and emphemera), photography equipment, box of random bits and sewing drawers.


And here’s 1/3 of the craft fair setup stuff:


I was too embarrassed or tired to take any pictures of the 4th corner with the rest of the fair setup stuff. It’s just more boxes by this point anyway, so use your imagination.

Here’s What it looked like after the first evening of schlepping boxes to other rooms of the house:


So as you can see, the cleanup was needed! That’s what 1 year of business does to a workroom. Join me again on Wednesday for the rest of the cleanup process!