In case you missed it, here’s Day 1 and Days 2 & 3. Caught up? Read on for day 4 of the workroom makeover:

After enjoying a few days off after Christmas I realized that it was time to get the workroom back up and running again. I needed a space that was designed around photography, paper crafting and computer work, not around dressmaking. The dining room table had to stay because there’s nowhere else in the house it can go. I also have a card table desk which floats between the living room and the workroom depending on what I’m doing.

The room is basically a rectangle with a shared 1/2 wall with the kitchen (on the left), windows at the back and doorway (where I’m standing to take the picture). so the only real wall space is on the right.



I’m a planner and need some wall space to put up papers. I do the majority of the organization on the computer, but I love the satisfaction of being able cross something off a list so I have a couple of paper lists that keep me on track. Hey, whatever works, right? The best light is near the windows, so that section of the room will hold the photography props and tools. I also need to keep supplies I’m using nearby along with the upcoming destash supplies to go up in our craft supplies shop. For now that means that I need access to a bunch of paper, glue, and my paper cutter.

Of course, this means that I’m only bringing back in about 1/3 of what had been in here. For now that’s fine with me. I’d rather have a functional space without too much clutter, but you can bet that more boxes will be leaking into the room over the next few months as I get more items up in our shops. I’d like to keep all of the items for sale as well as the shipping supplies in here at some point, but I don’t have a good way to store them yet.

Here’s what it looks like with all the design puzzle pieces put back together again:

Thanks for reading through my workroom makeover. I hope that it helps you in some way, either to inspire a room makeover project for you or to see how I organize my workroom! Join me next week when I’ll show you how to make a small business finance binder (or receipt catcher!), how I organized my paper goods, and you’ll get the first look at our new line of paper goods and current craft fair exclusives!

See you then!