In case you missed it, here’s Day 1. Caught up? Read on for days 2 and 3 of the workroom makeover:

So after a day of resting (because, of course, I decided to move everything to a room up 2 staircases) here’s where the room stood after the 2nd night:


Much better, but you can’t see the stuff around the corners…


Similar amount of stuff on the other side of the room too, but no picture of it.

Finally after the 3rd night, a room emerged!


Dirty, but I have floorspace again! It’s amazing what you overlook when you are in a room all the time. The walls were covered in scuff marks and pencil scratches. The floor had a lovely combo of glitter, cat fur and general foot traffic dirt on it, which was surprising considering that I vacuum that room fairly regularly. Glitter really does get EVERYWHERE. It will never go away, even after that carpet is long gone.

After 3 hours of cleaning (upon closer inspection, that carpet needed a deep clean in a few spots), it was looking pretty good!


I meant to take a photo with the dinner table ready for the family… but life got in the way and we all sat down and enjoyed the meal before I remembered to take the photo! So this is the after Christmas shot once things had calmed down!


Join me again on Friday for the reconstruction of the workroom!